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Little Skeeters Always on Target…

Little Skeeters LLC is excited to introduce “Little Skeeters”™.  Little Skeeters™ is a mini-tube gauge reducing shooting system for shotguns.  They come in 10, 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge carrier tubes.  The prudent shooter will question the ballistic performance of these short carrier tubes – I did too.  Upon performing my own ballistic tests for velocity however, I found myself astonished.  I tested the 12 gauge carrier tubes with the available step-down gauges, 20, 28 & .410 bore.  To my surprise, the velocity matched factory published velocities for skeet target loads.

Little Skeeters™ patterning performance was equally surprising.  Tested with a 12 gauge skeet gun, ALL sub-gauges printed 92% patterns at 20 yards.  Like all other shotgun and choke combinations, the degree of constriction results in a similar change in pattern density.

Little Skeeters™ are easy to use and have a wide range of applications.  Foremost, is their use in sub-gauge competition whether it be skeet or sporting clays.  For the advanced shotgunner, difficulty can be added to a practice session more easily than ever before by keeping a few Little Skeeters™ on hand.  Recoil sensitive shooters will enjoy the gentleness of a larger gauge gun firing smaller gauges.  Coaches can integrate Little Skeeters™ into their flinch-mitigating instruction, if needed.