“One Set Does It All”

Versatility, Performance, Low Cost, and Fun!

1.         It has become evident that when using any type of chamber replacements that are not custom fitted to your gun but rather are a universal fit both internally and externally, that it is essential that new quality ammunition be used such as Winchester AA or Remington STS or any well made compression formed casing with quality brass bases.  Since these “mini-tube gauge reducers” are made to accept many types of ammo, it is most important to use quality ammo.  That does not mean to say that other ammo can’t be used, but to achieve the best results, the above recommendations should be followed.

             Some of the reasoning behind this is that in older guns and with certain manufacturers, the chambers are oversized.  Thus, if you do not use quality ammo, the tube swells to conform to the larger chamber size and creates a problem when removing the spent shell from the tube.  When stepping down one gauge, i.e. 10-12 or 16-20, the thin wall of the tube tends to expand when not using compression formed hulls.  The remedy is yours- use the good stuff for trouble free use.

2.         It should also be noted that promotional ammo and “cheap” ammo are manufactured with odd lots of components and gives inconsistent performance.  This is true of any of the non-custom fitted tubes.  In tubes with ejectors, you must be especially careful to push back the ejectors or tubes to avoid damage to the gun’s ejectors or the tubes’ ejectors.

3.         When using Little Skeeters, through extensive field-testing, it has been found that the preferable way to use them is to load the tube in hand and then insert the tube with the shells into the chamber of your gun.  Using a cartridge belt may be helpful. 

Patterns and Velocities

4.         In all cases the patterns are equal to or better than shooting a shell of the same gauge as the gun.

5.         Velocities are the same or better as well except regarding the .410 velocity.  The patterns are excellent but the velocities vary in .410.  Longer tubes have helped to correct this problem.

Choke Selection

6.         Whatever choke is in the “parent” gun determines the pattern at a given yardage.  Early indications show a shorter shot string and a less dense 12 ga. sizes pattern, with even distribution and no flyers.  High-speed photography is being done by Winchester with the hope of visualizing short string and wad deformation and velocity.

Sporting Clays Use

7.         Sporting Clays shooters can shoot all gauges with one gun with virtually no added weight, which is so important when shooting sporting targets.


8.         Based on extensive testing, the “Little Skeeters” do not seem to have a “life expectancy” to them.  There are no moving parts and thus, they should not require replacement.


9.         They can be used in all break guns interchangeably- no custom fitting.


10.       There is very significant recoil reduction.  You can shoot your old favorite and practically eliminate recoil- especially true for side by sides, young shooters, women and recoil sensitive shooters in general.


11.       These tubes can be very useful in dealing with flinching problems, since recoil is so significantly reduced and is one of the reasons for interruption of the follow thru


12.       One can enjoy small gauge shooting at a nominal cost, share them with friends, shoot skeet, sporting, hunt and in general have a great day’s shooting without overspending.


13.       Keep barrels and chambers clean!

We have theorized that as the shot column enters the larger diameter bore, the shot column shortens, and when the shot column exits the barrel, very few pellets pass from the rear of the column causing less disturbance or turbulence.  Our patterns showed no flyers, which attests to this.