“Little Skeeters” come in the following gauges:

Parent Gun  10 gauge 12 gauge 16 gauge 20 gauge 28 gauge
converts to12 ga.20 ga.20 ga.28 ga.410 bore
 20 ga. 28 ga. 24 ga.32 ga.
   410 bore 28 ga.410 bore 
 410 bore  

When using “Little Skeeters” the chokes determine patterns at various yardages just as they do in a standard setup.  In other words, when shooting any lesser gauge, the patterns that result are the same as you would expect from a gun of the same gauge using a given choke.

 Full choke gives a full choke pattern in all gauges regardless of the “parent gun”.  The same applies to all other chokes.  The only exception is in the .410 gauge with long yardages but they are perfectly adequate for “skeet” yardages.

After overcoming the prejudice of previous theories and mythical truths, one becomes a believer when using them in real life circumstances – shooting targets and game.  They are a “must have”.